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A Review of the BullionStar Affiliate Program

BullionStar is a bullion dealer based in Singapore. As well as an online retail base, with a varied selection of gold and silver bars and coins, they also have an actual shop, showroom and vault that the general public are welcome to visit. Of course, you would need to be in Singapore to do this, but BullionStar’s online store ships to customers all over the world.

bullionstar affiliate program review

Members of the BullionStar affiliate program will be able to take advantage of the fact that the BullionStar name is well-respected throughout Singapore and southeast Asia, doing more business in this part of the world than any other bullion dealer. Although BullionStar ships Internationally, its marketing has been focused locally, so there is also an opportunity to help them spread their reputation further afield, and to pocket a decent commission in the process.

As well as the recognised and trusted name, along with an aesthetically pleasing, informative and professional website, other benefits to advertising BullionStar on your website is that they are not as restrictive as many other affiliate programs. They are open to many types of affiliates, from those that own and run websites, to bloggers, forum owners and more. They allow pretty much all forms of advertising, including blog comments, video comments, etc., This has exposed their service to spammers, but it is also used by many legitimate affiliates.

BullionStar uses a very sophisticated affiliate system that offers in-depth statistics on everyone who clicks on your link(s) and makes a purchase. How much commission you earn depends on your website and how you intend to advertise BullionStar. They can accommodate most affiliates, but they keep their commission rates to themselves and will only expose these once they strike a deal with you.

If you sign up and get accepted, then don’t be afraid to negotiate a little. If you have an established website with a lot of targeted traffic and a guarantee that you will send a steady flow of customers their way, then you should be able to get a better deal than someone who owns a small blog and many never send a single customer to the BullionStar website. The more you have the more you should be able to earn, but in general an average sized website can expect to pickup a commission of around 1% per sale. That sounds small, but that’s not 1% of the total profit or net profit, but 1% of the overall value of the sale. So, if someone clicks on one of your BullionStar affiliate link and goes on to buy a 10 ounce gold bar then — based upon the gold price at the time of writing — you will stand to make around $120. You will also earn from that buyer every time they make a repeat purchase.

In summary, if you can negotiate a great commission, or one that comes with a sliding scale, then BullionStar is one of the best affiliate programs on the market.

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