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A Review of the BullionVault Affiliate Program

BullionVault is a simple, easy-to-follow precious metal affiliate program that offers some of the highest rates in the industry. For all sales that you send their way you will be rewarded with a 25% commission. There is no CPA here, but as this is one of the highest revenue shares in the industry, you can’t really complain.

bullionvault affiliate program review

This rate doesn’t just apply to the first time that your lead makes a purchase. As soon as they make their first purchase through a BullionVault link on your website, then you can earn from them for the next two years. Whether they process 1 order or 100 orders, you will continue raking in a 25% share. All of this commission will be visible in your BullionVault account instantly. There is no waiting around like many other affiliate programs. Their in-depth and real-time statistics will let you know as soon as someone makes a purchase after clicking on one of your affiliate links, with your share of the profit in your account just as quickly.

One of the key inclusions to the BullionVault affiliate program, and one that is scarcely available on other precious metal affiliate programs, is second-tier referrals. This means that if you introduce someone to BullionVault and they also introduce someone, then you will get a 6.25% share of the profits made through that second customer, whilst maintaining the original 25% share from the first one.

BullionVault have many creatives for affiliates to choose from, including banners, pop-ups and text links. Members of this affiliate program are also given a direct referral link, which can be used in any form of advertising. BullionVault have very few restrictions on the use of their links and they allow their affiliates to advertise through websites, blogs, forums, social media and even comment sections. They frown upon spam, as you would expect, but providing that you are not using any underhanded tactics, then you should be okay.

Becoming a part of the BullionVault affiliate program is relatively painless. You don’t have to jump through many hoops and you don’t have to negotiate a deal based on the amount of quality traffic your site, forum or blog is generating. Everyone gets the same great commission and most people are free to join.

As BullionVault is an established, trusted reseller of gold and silver bullion, there should be very few issues when it comes to winning the customer over. After all, getting them to click on one of your affiliate links is only the first step, and even if they want to buy bullion at that moment in time, if the site you direct them to is poorly laid out, unprofessional and doesn’t have exactly what they are looking for, then you’re not going to generate a sale. Luckily, this London-based, award-winning company has been in business for 10 years and should have no issues when it comes to earning that crucial commitment, turning your potential leads into actual ones.

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