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A Review of the GoldBroker Affiliate Program $200

A Review of the GoldBroker Affiliate Program

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GoldBroker is one of the most popular dealers of gold and silver bullion. It is also home to one of our preferred affiliate schemes. One of the standout features of the GoldBroker affiliate program is that the cookie will last for a year. A cookie is a small file that is generated on a user’s computer or device as soon as they click an affiliate link. This file will remain for a full year, so that even if they leave immediately after clicking a link, only to return and make a purchase 364 days later, then an affiliate will still earn commission. Also, once they make that first sale, then that affiliate will be able to earn commission from them for the lifetime of their account.
goldbroker affiliate program review
The only issue with GoldBroker is that their two programs, “Revenue Share” and “Cost Per Acquisition” are separate. That is to say that you won’t get paid a set amount the first time a lead makes a purchase and a share of every subsequent purchase they make. You have to choose between the two. This is fairly standard practice in this industry though and the rates that they pay are very high. The trick as an affiliate is to choose the one that is right for you. The CPA program will pay you $200 or €170 for a user that makes a purchase after following one of your affiliate links. It doesn’t matter if that purchase is $50 or $5,000, you earn the same. The Revenue Share, however, will pay you 20% of the net commissions. Obviously, a CPA affiliate will benefit more from small orders, whereas an affiliate on the Revenue Share could earn significantly more than someone on the CPA scheme if they generate leads that go on to purchase thousands of dollars worth of bullion.

GoldBroker is a solid affiliate program. It is easy to follow and the rates and commissions are laid out in full view, with no hidden fees that promise huge commissions but actually deliver very little. The link system is also very easy to follow and is explained in simple terms on the GoldBroker website, ensuring that even those with little knowledge of HTML and affiliate programs can setup an account and post active links.

There are other, smaller issues that may deter some affiliates from using this program. For instance, they do not allow affiliates to use incentive schemes. Incentive affiliates are fairly popular these days and many affiliate programs are okay with them (although they tend to offer lower commissions on them) but GoldBroker are definitely not. GoldBroker will also ban accounts that acquire leads through practices such as email spamming, while clients caught making purchases using fake names and addresses will also be banned.

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  1. I have been working with them for a year now. I have always been paid on time. My affiliate manager Jonathan is always available when i need. Best Gold Investing affiliate program for sure.

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