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A Review of the GoldDirect Affiliate Program

Gold Direct is an affiliate program that we’re not 100% sure of. They offer great commission, with both a Revenue Share and a CPA available, but the program doesn’t have the best or the most in-depth statistics, and the website can also be off-putting to some customers.

golddirect affiliate program review

Gold Direct is based in Europe and caters for customers across the continent, with affiliates able to join from all over the world. There are many good points here, one of which is the commission that Gold Direct pays its affiliates. All sales that you generate as an affiliate will earn you a flat payment of €10, regardless of how big or small the purchase is, and you will also pickup as much a 25% of the profits generated through that sale. This is ideal because it means you can profit from both big and small orders. Many affiliate programs either have a Revenue Share or a CPA, which means that as an affiliate you often lose out. If you’re just on a CPA and someone purchases $20,000 worth of product, your €10 is going to look very meagre, whilst if the purchase is tiny and you’re only earning 25% of the profits from it, then your earnings will be even less. Therefore, the fact that they have combined the two is a huge plus, but that’s where the benefits to the Gold Direct affiliate program end.

The use of language on the Gold Direct site is a little awkward. It has almost certainly been translated from another language and the grammar is completely off, which will put a lot of your potential customers off as well. It reeks of unprofessionalism. The truth is that Gold Direct simply want all languages to be able to use their website, but they really should have focused on cleaning things up. The website itself also isn’t the prettiest. It is easy to follow and fairly well laid out, but it could do with a make-over.

Another issue we have is that although the commissions are advertised as €10 per transaction and 25% on top of that, this might not be the case for all affiliates that apply. If you want to be a part of this program you need to request membership through the Gold Direct affiliate page, and once you do you will be contacted by an affiliate manager. Only if he or she deems your site and yourself worthy, will you be offered the highest rate of commission. These rates are negotiable, but if you don’t have a big website with a lot of targeted traffic, then you won’t have the weight needed to back up your demands and you might be forced to settle for what you can get.

Still, from our experience even the smaller commissions on Gold Direct are worthwhile. The fact that they have combined both a CPA and a Revenue Share will be beneficial to all precious metal affiliates, and providing you can get around the poor layout and weak translation, then this is a great program to join.

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