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A Review of the GoldMoney Affiliate Program

The GoldMoney affiliate program advertises the fact that you can earn money from referring your “family” or “network of friends.” This is not just an awkward choice of words, and this is genuinely more of a refer-a-friend program than it is an affiliate program. This is strange to say the least, but GoldMoney do allow some smaller websites to join their program and to take advantage of the high commission they offer.

goldmoney affiliate program review

GoldMoney is not available on an affiliate network. It is its own program and if you want to signup then you need to get in touch with them and tell them why you would be a suitable candidate. At this point, may potential affiliates would have dismissed them already, as it seems that GoldMoney are doing their best to make it harder for their affiliates and for themselves. It doesn’t make much sense why they would do this. They are not a small company, nor are they a new one. They have been selling gold and silver bullion since 2001. Maybe they simply want to avoid the very small percentage of affiliates that abuse or misuse links; maybe they simply don’t want to go to the trouble of putting together a large affiliate program that can maintain thousands of affiliates and all of their details.

Whatever their reason is, GoldMoney is not an affiliate program for those who run large websites and expect to generate a lot of referrals. However, if you have a large circle of friends on social media, or if you run a small website that discusses precious metals, then it could be ideal. All of your earnings will be paid in precious metals, which is great for investors, but not for those seeking to generate cash.

If you are accepted into the GoldMoney affiliate program then you will be given a simple code to pass on. They do not have an extensive collection of pop-ups, banners and other creatives. Their goal is to keep it simple. All referrals will be tracked and you stand to make money from them even if they don’t purchase immediately after they click your link. Affiliates are paid based on a Revenue Share, earning a flat 25% on all net sales. This is a fairly high rate, but it is let down by the fact that there is no sliding scale (whether you refer 1 customer or 100, your share will always be 25%) and there is no option for a CPA.

Simply put, if you want something quick, simple and easy-to-setup, then GoldMoney might be just what you are looking for. If you want to make a lot of money, with stylish banners flashed before millions of potential leads, then you should probably look elsewhere as GoldMoney might not even allow you to join.

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