Gold & Silver Affiliate programs reviews and affiliate tips

Tools to Increase your Earnings as a Precious Metal Affiliate

There are a few simple tools and tricks that you can employ in order to increase your returns as an affiliate of precious metals. We have discussed some of the main ones below:

  • Banners: One of the most accessible tools at your disposal as a precious metal affiliate are the banners and links offered by your affiliate program. Often referred to as “Creatives”, how these look and how many of them there are depends entirely on the affiliate program you join. The better and bigger affiliate programs should have plenty available, with many sizes, colours and types, whilst the smaller ones may only provide you with a few simple text links or a single referral link.
  • Information: If you are going to attract new investors and convince them to follow your affiliate links and purchase precious metals, then you’ll need to give them valid reasons. To do this you simply need to fill your website with as many articles and blog posts as you can, all of which extol the benefits of investing in precious metals. This is one of the most stable ways of investing in the modern age, and the only investment that will guarantee a huge profit even if the stock markets and the world economies collapse. It shouldn’t be hard to convince people that this is a investment that they need to make.
  • Live Updates: Long-term stackers like to know the current spot prices of all precious metals. Most bullion dealers have a widget on their site that displays real-time prices, often operating in either ounces or grams. As an affiliate you should also look at getting one of these on your own website. That will ensure that if a gold or silver stacker is on your website and they see that there has been a sharp decline in the price of their favourite precious metal, then they might immediately click on one of your affiliate links and make a purchase.
  • Newsletter: A newsletter is a great tool and one that can increase your leads. There are many free newsletter providers out there — such as MailChimp — that make this process easy for you, but you may need to offer an incentive to get people to sign up to your newsletter. As an example, many content sites and financial sites offer free eBooks to all those that sign up, and they also offer tips on shares and other investments. Once you have a newsletter then you can use it to announce special offers from your affiliate programs.
  • Images and Videos: There is a large number of website visitors who only pay attention to pictures and videos. You could call this the Facebook affect, due to the fact that these people are used to skimming through their timelines, bothering only with the posts that standout visually. To take advantage of this, many successful affiliates like to create and share highly visual marketing pieces through Facebook, whilst posting a video to Youtube is also a great option.