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A Review of the Sprott Money Affiliate Program

Sprott Money takes its name from its owner and founder, Eric Sprott. This precious metal wholesaler has been around since 2008, with an affiliate program that is just as established. Sprott Money is unique in a number of ways. One of these is that they use WordPress to host their site, which is very rare for such a large e-commerce website. The familiar WordPress bar is displayed at the top of many pages on their website and this is likely to put a few customers off, but they can take solace in the fact that Sprott Money have been servicing customers throughout North America for 7 years and counting.

sprott money affiliate program review

There are no set commissions for affiliates on Sprott Money, and you have to use a registration form on their website if you want to apply. Once you do then you will contacted by an affiliate manager from the company who will hash out a deal with you based on your website, its content and the amount of people that visit it. This is the old-school way of setting up affiliate accounts, and whilst it may not work for many smaller affiliates, it can be ideal for bigger ones. If you own a small website that doesn’t generate a great deal of targeted traffic then they probably won’t offer you a great commission and your chances of negotiating for something better are slim. If, however, you own a large website that attracts a lot of traffic concerning precious metals, then their first offer is likely to be higher, and you will also be able to discuss a better deal. Whether you want a Revenue Share, a CPA or both is entirely down to you and your deal with Sprott Money.

Despite calling themselves a wholesaler, there is no minimum order on the Sprott Money website, which helps to attract all sorts of customers, from those purchasing a single coin or bar, to those seeking to add kilograms of silver and ounces of gold to their collection. All prices are updated regularly according to the live gold and silver prices, and Sprott Money also offer fast, insured delivery, which is available for a small extra cost.

Sprott Money is not an International dealer, which can be a deal-breaker for some affiliates. They will accept purchases only from customers based in the United States and Canada, which means they’re not ideal if your website attracts a more global audience.

Overall, the Sprott Money affiliate program is very useful to a certain group of affiliates, and pretty much useless to others. It’s not a part of any affiliate network, so it’s not ideal if you want to work with many different affiliates, and as we have already mentioned, it only really benefits affiliates who attract a lot of custom from North America. Ultimately though, whether this affiliate program works for you or not depends on the sort of deal you get, so submit your application to Sprott Money through their affiliate page and see how it goes.

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