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Why you Should Invest in Gold and Silver; The Upsides of Precious Metals Investment

These are two very different metals that are often grouped together because of their value to human civilisation and because of their popularity on the commodity markets. Gold is technically the oldest currency known to man, prized by everyone from the Greeks, Egyptians and Aztecs, to shrewd traders in the modern age. Gold is the material that all other currencies are valued against, it is the one thing that humans turn to when other currencies fail. The value of gold is one of the few reliable constants that we have in this world, because in good times and bad, it will always be a prized commodity.

Gold is not a useless metal. Not only can it be used to create exquisite jewellery, but it is also prized in the electronics and computing industries thanks to its conductivity. In fact, a vast supply of “new” gold that makes it into the circulation comes not from gold mines, but from secondhand mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices. Despite these uses, most of the gold in the world has been formed into bars or coins and is being hoarded by investors. This is a great metal to invest in when times are bad, as the value of gold tends to increase when other economies fall and it provides insurance should the worst happen. It is also a good thing to invest in when times are good as the value is often on the low side, and this means that a sharp rise, and therefore a sharp profit, could be one global threat, one economic decline or one war away.

Silver is considerably cheaper than gold, and one of the most popular ways to invest in this previous metal is to buy “proof” coins, which are designed to a high standard, struck in limited numbers by popular mints (such as The Royal Mint and the US Mint), and are prized by numismatists and traders alike. Unlike gold, the bulk of the world’s silver is not being hoarded for investment purposes, but rather it is in use. There are suggestions that silver could soon be scarce because of its popularity in industries such as electronics, dentistry and computing, and that means that silver stackers (the name given to those who invest in large quantities of this precious metal) could end up selling off their stock to the manufacturing industry, as opposed to other collectors.

The price of silver tends to fluctuate at a greater rate than gold, and many silver stackers believe that there is a greater potential for profit in this metal than there is in gold. As silver is cheaper, it attracts investors seeking to enter at the bottom end of the market, those who don’t have a great deal of money to invest but still want to get involved in precious metals. In truth, there is no “better” metal to invest in.

Both silver and gold have their uses and, providing that the price is right at the time you purchase, either one of these metals can help you build for the future.